2020+ Can-Am X3 Intercooler Fan + Shroud Combo


On and Off-road-ready system, capable of handling all weathering conditions and protection against sand, mud, water, fog, and chemicals.

Designed for performance and longevity in mind, the power and control electronics are integrated within the sealed motor to ensure longer useful life and reliability. Built-in PWM signal will provide proportional control of fan speed through your PDM. PWM range between 50-200HZ (15% start to 100% full-speed). Failsafe built-in PWM input loss of communication that will run the fan at full speed.


Height: 11.53"
Width: 9.72"
Depth: 3.13"
10 - 16 VDC / Variable
Max (high) CFM: 1135 Amp Draw: 8.5A @ 13.2V
LIGHT WEIGHT: 2.3 lbs in overall weight Operating Temperature Range: -40 - 285F (-40 -140C)
PULLER Style Fan