Can-Am X3/X3 Maxx Full Windshield


Our front windshields offer the best fitment and biggest viewing area

  • Laser-cut aluminum frame 
  • Available in Black, Can-Am red, Octane Blue, Platinum Metallic, Manta Green, Hyper Silver, and White
  • Also available in custom colors.
  • Easy install and removal.
  • Powder-coated for a long-lasting durable finish.
  • AS1 laminated safety glass.
  • Rock-solid, trail-tested, and abused!
  • Each windshield is built to high tolerance to guarantee satisfaction.
  • Built-in the USA.
  • The frame of the windshield is fully supported by the cage and can withstand very hard riding conditions.
  • Add two adjustable vents to your windshield for a “dual climate control” like effect to reduce dust and heat.
  • Wiper kits can also be purchased separately and are easy to install.

**Does Not work with Can-Am Intrusion bars found on the RC model, however, those can be removed** 

**If you need a DOT Stamp in the glass for street legal requirements Click Here**

Windshield works with OEM Plastic and Aluminum roof, Lonestar roof, Probox Top, and Audioformz roof.

Wiper kit works with OEM plastic roof and Audioformz Roof. May work with Probox Top roof.

Wiper kit does Not work with OEM Aluminum Roof or Lonestar Roof. (unless you notch the roof.)