EVP "Magnum" Exhaust - RZR Turbo


  • Color matched accessories to match your vehicle!
  • Made in the USA by American Craftsman
  • Simple installation with detailed instructions included
  • Spark arrestor included
  • Horsepower increase
  • Fits 2016-2019 models


Each EVP exhaust is custom made in our Phoenix AZ manufacturing facility by American craftsman. EVP manufacturing facility is dedicated to precision fabricating and exhaust production.  Although they build exhausts for many vehicles, each part is hand crafted.  Building parts this way is not fast or cheap.  Because of the demand for their products, most exhausts have a 2 week lead time.  It will be worth the wait – when you receive your EVP exhaust, it will be like opening a jewelry box.  Each exhaust comes in a box packed in shipping spray foam to ensure it arrives undamaged.