Honda Talon R/X Mount for RDM Radio and Intercom


Built for the Honda Talon, the latest mount offers a perfect OEM fitment that houses both your Rugged Radios intercom and RDM Digital Radio for a complete factory look.

The unique one piece construction makes installation quick and easy, fitting perfectly into your Honda dash.


Honda Talon X
Honda Talon R

Works with:

  • RDM-DB (Mobile Radio)
  • RRP357 Intercom
  • RRP360 Intercom
  • RRP362 Intercom
  • RRP660 Intercom
  • RRP660 PLUS Intercom
  • RRP696 Intercom
  • RRP5050 Intercom
  • RRP6100 Intercom

Note: This mount is not compatible with the RCM-DMU Magnetic Radio & Intercom cover.