Full Float Clutch Mod

KWI Float Modification Benefits

  • Fix warped clutch sheaves (All of the X3 clutches are warped, and most are warped more than .010" causing belt chatter, loss in wheel HP and increased belt heat).
  • Fix factory belt misalignment (The secondary clutch is locked in place by BRP to ensure smooth shifting at idle, however; this causes clutch and belt misalignment during shift out, robbing wheel HP and creating belt heat).
  • Lowers belt temps (KWI will resurface and recut your sheave angles for more efficient shifting and more wheel HP).
  • Longer belt life (More efficient power transfer thru the CVT clutch system means less heat and stress which prolongs belt life).
  • Quicker acceleration over unmodified clutches (Testing shows over 1/2 car lead by 60mph over stock unmodified clutches).
  • Quieter clutches (by eliminating warping and belt chatter your clutches will run quieter).

KWI has a proven fix used by thousands of X3 owners worldwide that not only will increase your wheel HP but stabilizes your belt temps and keep shifting ultra smooth. KWI will true up your warped sheaves, re-cut the sheave angles on both your primary and secondary clutches, set up your clutches to fully float and self-align at all RPM's, service your primary bearing, replace all wearable and damaged parts (wearable or damaged parts replacement is additional cost) and send your clutches back ready to bolt-on and go. You can purchase our clutch kit at the same time, and we will install it for you during reassembly. 7 day in-house turnaround time.

**Important NOTE** ANY gearbox seal protector IS NOT compatible with the KWI full floating clutches. You MUST remove the seal protector when you install FULL floating clutches or you will blow belts.