KWI X TAPP - Can Am X3 Primary Clutch


OEM clutches with KWI upgrades can handle up to 38psi of boost, but any additional power can cause big, expensive problems. We didn’t think that was enough power, so we fixed it. We’ve teamed up with TAPP clutch to engineer the ultimate fix to your high horsepower clutching and crankshaft problems. Say goodbye to crankshaft damage and complex tuning limitations and say hello to the KWI TAPP clutch.

By using a custom KWI modified version of the TAPP primary clutch paired with the following options; patent pending KWI CRANKLOCK Mod, Float Mod, newly redesigned & RF2 tie brace you can expect to completely solve taper slip issues, clutch shaft flex and motor to gearbox flex. another added perk is it makes tuning for any HP, altitude or terrain super simple.


KWI CRANKLOCK Mod (pat. pend.) provides a solid, positive mechanical lock between the crankshaft and primary clutch while still utilizing the crankshaft taper for precise fitment. (KWI CRANKLOCK requires you to send in your crankshaft to KWI for machining and precision matching to your clutch shaft) the KWI TAPP clutch comes with a center post that is machined for use on a crankshaft with or without the KWI CRANKLOCK crankshaft


  • Performance- the KWI TAPP clutch was designed for high torque, high horsepower, turbo charged four stroke motors. KWI has adapted this clutch to put down the power of today’s sxs.
  • Durability- high-tech material that can withstand extreme heat, extending the life of the clutch.
  • Quick tuning- the KWI TAPP clutch is the easiest clutch in the world to tune. it can even be tuned easily on the trail using simple clicker style adjustments.
  • Compact design- allows for easy access in tight spaces.
  • Longer belt life- extensive venting and multi-angle curved sheaves enable better belt grip and cooler running clutches- which means extended belt life.
  • Reliability- KWI proven products means more time riding and less time in the shop.
  • Better throttle response- the centralized mass and low inertia design provides a quicker throttle response.

***This is not an off the shelf TAPP clutch, the KWI float mod will only work with the KWI x TAPP clutch and KWI will only support tuning for the KWI x TAPP primary.

NOTE - KWI CRANKLOCK mod requires you to send in your crankshaft for modification.  Additional shipping charges may apply.