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    LC2 Utility Jug with 12" Filler Hose 5 Gallons



    Nobody likes to run out of gas. Carrying extra fuel with you is often critical when taking out your Side By Side. Many of the best rides take more fuel than one tank can hold, that's why having additional fuel is imperative. Get a utility Jug and don't run the risk of being stuck without gas out on the trail and have the humiliation of your buddy having to tow you back, or worse yet being stuck out there.

    The LC2 Fuel Jug by LC is a far superior and secure method to carry gas, as opposed to gas cans. Its ergonomic two-handle design and placement allow for ease of use and better control. And it’s 5 gallon capacity should be more than enough to keep you and your friends out of a sticky situation. Head over to checkout and get yourself a LC2 Utility Jug now!


    • WPS 12" Filler Hose with Screw Cap included.
    • Extra large lid with O-ring gasket.
    • Made from high-impact polyethylene.
    • 10"x10"x22" - 5 gallon capacity.

    Special notes: This Utility Jug is NOT a portable fuel container as described by ASTM, EPA, ARB, or other state or federal agencies