PwrTune Can-Am X3 Turbo Silicon Intercooler Pipe Kit


  • Replaces the Stock Rubber Charge Tube
  • 1.0 inch port for Blow Off Valve
  • High Pressure Grey Silicon Hose
  • Easy 20 minute install
  • Molded to Fit Like Stock


These great looking grey silicon charge tubes will help dress up your X3 with added performance features. Unlike the stock rubber hoses these silicon hoses are less likely to slip loose once installed correctly. The 1.0 inch port can be purchased with the optional plug, if you do not want to use a Blow Off Valve. You can also choose either our Black Aluminum or Turbosmart Blow off Valves (note when purchasing with a Blow Off Valve all hardware will be included to make a complete Blow Off Valve kit). We also have an optional T-Bolt clamp kit for added protection.

This kit takes maybe 20 minutes to install. All you have to do is swap your charge tubes for the new silicon units, if you add a BOV plug in the new boost/vacuum nipple, and attach your new blow off valve. The kit locates your optional new valve behind the drivers compartment access panel so it's shielded from flying rocks and right behind you for the best sound. We configure and test these valves at our shop so they are ready to run. No adjustment is necessary for the best performance.

When properly installed the charge tubes are rated to hold 30+ psi boost pressure.