STU - Sand Blaster


The Sand Blaster Series was developed for use on today's heavy long travel cars with high horsepower. Unlike the Padla Traks which are focused on flotation, the Sand Blasters focus is on bite. Sand Blasters are narrower, taller, and have a more aggressive paddle design that is stronger, taller, and extends farther to the sidewall with a flatter center crown. This high traction design allows high horsepower cars to better utilize their power instead of overpowering the tires and tearing paddles.

This design is heavier, offers less flotation, and puts more stress on the powertrain. With high horsepower and a strong drivetrain you can use raw power to stay on top of the sand and climb even the steepest of hills with little effort.

You can choose the amount bite a tire has by selecting a paddle number cut. These cuts differ in the paddle height and thickness, with No. 1 being the smallest. You can also choose the 'Pro' version for the 15" wheel size which has the more aggressive paddle that are on the 17" size tires. Sand Blasters are available in 15", and 17" wheel sizes.