Vent-to-Atmosphere Blow Off Valve (BOV)


  • Improved valve response time
  • Reduces compressor surge
  • Easily converts between vent-to-atmosphere and recirculating
  • Machined from billet aluminum


This precision-made Universal UTV Turbo Diverter Valve by RZR Proz, AKA Blow Off Valve or BOV for short is constructed of billet aluminum. It's first anodized then machined to give it it’s one-off look. The RZR Proz BOV takes everything enthusiasts love about Single Port BOVs and the classic vent-to-atmosphere sound by ease of install making it a direct fit factory replacement option. Its unique triple-seal piston design has some of the tightest tolerances of any BOV on the market. Virtually no air can blow by the piston which in turn helps with longevity and reliability.