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I just got a UTV. What do I need?

First off, what do I call it?  Whether it's a Polaris, Can-am, Yamaha, Honda or Arctic Cat you can call them a UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) or a Side by Side.  Any one in the industry will know what you're talking about.  For everyone outside the industry, you might as well call it a RZR regardless of the Make and Model.  Seems like everyone knows what a RZR is...

Now what do you NEED?  There are TONS of products to buy but these items are the must have items.

  1. 5 Point Harnesses - Most manufacturers only put a normal seat belt in UTVs.  Normal seat belts are great for easy driving but that's NOT what people do and it's not what YOU'RE going to do in these. Rollovers happen everywhere! Even on slow mountain trails.  You spent 10K or more on a UTV, spend $200 - $400 and get some 5 point harnesses!  Need a Harness? Click Here
  2. Spare Drive Belt - All the horsepower gets to the ground through a drive belt and drive belts are a wear item.  It's not a questions of IF a belt is going to break, it's a question of WHEN.  Thankfully, it's an easy fit...IF you are carrying a spare belt.  Need a spare belt? Click Here
  3. Manufacturer Tools - All UTV manufacturers give you a very small number of tools with your UTV.  You need these tools to do the most basic things like changing a drive belt.  Make sure you have them and carry them with you.
  4. Tire Plug Kit & Pump - These kits are cheap and there are plenty of YouTube videos that show you how to use them.  Flat tires happen and the cheaper, easier way to get your UTV back to the trailer is to use a plug kit and a basic air pump.  Your alternative is carrying a spare wheel and tire.  You see this in the racing world...but if they get a flat they want to change it and continue racing...not just get back to the trailer.  Having a spare wheel and tire is a better fix than a plug kit but it's more money...
  5. Eye Protection - We prefer full face helmets with goggles or a full face helmet with a drop down eye shield.  This protects your eyes from wind, debris and your roll cage.  You can also go with just goggles, sunglasses or a windshield.  Side note - Yes your have a roll cage, helmets inside UTVs are to protect your soft head and face from mashing into the roll cage! A Google image search can show you what happens when peoples faces meet up with a roll cage. Harnesses also help keep your head and face from hitting the roll cage.
  6. Fire Extinguisher - Better to have one and NEVER need it then to need one and not have it.   Need a Fire Extinguisher? Click Here
  7. Street Legal Kit - Check your local laws but if your area allows you to drive your UTV on the roadway then grab a Street Legal kit!
  8. Quality Mirrors - They don't come with side view mirrors and they are the mirror you use the MOST!  Rear view mirrors can be difficult to see clearly out of and if you load gear into the back of your UTV...even harder.  Need some options Click Here
  9. Intercoms/Radios - UTVs are loud and add wind noise on top of that!  A good intercom to talk to your passenger(s) at a normal voice level is WILDLY overlooked.  If you ride with other UTVs (and you SHOULD) a car to car radio is also a wonderful addition.  Need a Intercom/Radio? Click Here

That's it!  The rest are the FUN extras that you WANT to ride with.  Here are some fun extra we like and why.

  • Stereo - It's fun to have music!  My suggestion is a plug & play kit of 3 speakers or more.  They are on the upper end of the price scale but I think they are worth it.  They use larger speakers that can produce great high tone, mid tones and bass. Some even include a sub woofer.  Options like sound bars have great sound but little to no bass. I also don't care to build a stereo myself and I like when I can save some money by installing it myself.  These plug and play kits are GREAT for that!  They also have a very nice factory look and feel to them when you're done. Need a Stereo? Click Here
  • Storage Bag - UTVs don't come with room for cell phones, sunscreen, drinks & snacks, etc.  Soft storage bags are relatively cheap and add some great soft storage for you and your passengers. Need Storage? Click Here
  • Wheels & Tires - Your UTV comes with wheels and tires that will go in TONS of different conditions and terrains.  So, adding new wheels & tires are not a MUST have.  However, they are a GREAT upgrade.  Sand Dunes? Get light weight wheels and light weight sand paddles that act like balloons.  They make a big difference in the dunes.  Sand robs horsepower so having light weight wheels & tires helps keep what you have.  Rock Crawling? Beadlock wheels & tall tires. Beadlock wheels allow you to lower the air pressure in the tires so more tire contacts ground/rocks. Tall tires add ground clearance. Mud? Tall skinny wheels and MUD tires. Mud tires are design to cut through mud and move it out of the treads.  Desert trails & Mountain Trails? Durable tires with a good all-terrain tread.  You don't know what you're going to run over...sharp rocks...trees...etc.
  • Full Doors - The half doors UTVs come with are great at letting stuff inside your UTV.  This includes air, dust, mud, sand, rock, etc.... Full doors solve this issue!  They also add an AWESOME look to your UTV. Need doors? Click Here
  • Suspension Seats- Manufacturers put cheap platform seats in UTVs.  When you hit a bump the impact transfers from the platform seat directly into you spine.  Suspension seats reduce the transfer by providing some give between your spine and the seat bottom.  They also hold you in your seat better by having bolster.  This way you don't have to hold on for dear live and instead you can enjoy riding. Need Suspension Seats? Click Here
  • Night Lighting - If you intend on riding at night then GOOD QUALITY lighting should be towards the top of your list.  In dusty/dirty/sandy conditions, additional lighting works best lower down on your UTV.  Front bumper light bars, shock tower light bars, lower cage mounted lighting and LED side view mirrors are our favorite places to add lighting! DON'T forget the all important DOME LIGHTS!  Need lighting Click Here