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Black Market UTV - Bed Delete - Installation Instructions

Black Market UTV

Bed Delete - Installation Instructions

Parts List - OEM Cage Bed Delete
1 EA - Right Side Bed Delete Bracket
1 EA - Left Side Bed Delete Bracket
1 EA - Right Side Support Arm
1 EA - Left Side Support Arm

Parts List - Aftermarket Cage Bed Delete
1 EA - Right Side Bed Delete Bracket
1 EA - Left Side Bed Delete Bracket

Installation Instructions

1. Remove the Air Inlet Cover.  This pulls off without any tools by hand.

2. Remove the Rear Cover.  This pulls off without any tools by hand.

3. Remove Rear Facia (plastic around exhaust) by removing the 5 EA Torx M6x20 bolts.

4. Remove the 10 EA Torx bolt and plastic inserts (square holes) on the top of the both (right & left) rear fenders.  Hold on the 4 EA of these for re-installation into bed delete brackets.

5. Remove the 4 EA M6 Torx bolts going through the bed.

6. Remove the 4 EA M8 Hex bolts (2 per side) going through the bed and cage.  These are underneath the OEM Bed inside small plastic cavities.


7. OEM Cage Only - Loosen the 4 EA Torx M8 bolt at the top of the cage so the rear cage pillar can wiggle.  This will give extra room when removing the bed. 

8. If your model has the remote shock reservoirs, remove them from the cage and secure them in a safe location out of the way.


9. Your bed should now be loose and ready to remove.  Removing the bed can take some effort and is easier with a second person.  Since the rear cage pillars are welded in place on aftermarket cages, they will take more effort than the OEM cages allow.

10. You're now ready to install the Black Market UTV Bed Delete!  If you are install this bed delete on a X3 with an aftermarket cage skip down to step 12.

11. Install the Bed Delete support are on factory support rail with the OEM M6 hardware.  One bolt has a captured nut on the factory support and the other will require re-using a bolt and nut. Ensure the support arm mount on the outside of the OEM cage. Tighten these bolt down.

12. Install the Bed Delete bracket using the factory M8 Hex hardware and factory torx bolts with plastic inserts. Wait to tighten. Aftermarket cage skip to step 14.

13. If installing on an OEM cage - Tighten the rear cage pillar bolts to factory specs.

14. Align rear fender panels and rea tail light angle to taste.  Stock tail light angle is tipped up slightly toward the center of the car.

15. Tighten hardware down and enjoy!