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Agency Power Big Brake Kit Front and Rear Polaris RZR Turbo



  • Stealth Black Powdercoated Finish
  • Bright Red Powdercoated Finish
  • Deep Blue Ice Powdercoated Finish
  • Graphite Gray Powdercoated Finish
  • CNC Machined Agency Power Logo
  • Made in the USA!
  • Complete Bolt-On Kit. No Modifications or Additional Parts Required.
  • 4 Piston Caliper Specifically Designed for the Polaris RZR
  • Dust and Weather Seals for Durability
  • Rigid Construction
  • Internal Cross Over Tube for Sleek Design
  • Common 4 Piston Pad Shape
  • No Spacers or Bracket. 1 Piece Mounting
  • Banjo Style Fittings. No Cheap Pipe Threads!
  • Caliper Weight - 4.5lbs
  • 2 Piece Cast Iron Vented Rotor with 6061 T-6 Billet Aluminum Hat
  • Cross Drilled and Slotted
  • Directionally Designed
  • Zinc Coated
  • Direct Bolt-On
  • Better Heat Dissipation
  • Rotor Weight - 7.6lbs


A Big Brake Kit for the Polaris RZR is the modification you never thought about but absolutely need! If you are a RZR owner, you already know that the brake pedal can be soft and these high horsepower machines do not stop like they should. As a premiere manufacture of UTV products, Agency Power has gone to extreme measures to develop the best 4 wheel big brake kit available for the Polaris RZR. After extensive testing, we have engineered a brake kit that is a direct bolt-on, provides a proper balanced brake system, and aesthetically looks amazing behind the wheels.

All brake components are manufactured right here in the USA in conjunction with one of the leading performance brake manufactures. This brake system was designed specifically for the Polaris RZR. With our nearly yearlong testing of different braking concepts, as well as our successful Can-Am X3 brake kit since 2019, we found it absolutely necessary to do a 4 wheel brake kit. With the engine in the rear and how off-road suspension works, typical automotive designs will not produce the improved braking performance the RZR needs. Our calipers are a 2 piece construction that has built in ears to mount to the wheel carrier. Removing the need for additional brackets and spacers like other companies may use, gives the Agency Power caliper an extremely rigid advantage. Each caliper half is assembled using 4 10mm cross bolts for maximum stiffness. Other products on the market only use 3/8 inch hardware which is not adequate. This rigidity eliminates caliper flex from hard pedal pressure or the potential of pad knock back. In any motorsport, opposing piston caliper, pad "knock back" can occur from street cars to off-road use. The only way to eliminate this is with a floating caliper design like OEM. However you lose the performance of what a big brake kit can offer. To help compensate for pad knock back, we include springs inside the pistons.

Internally, the caliper is well designed with custom machined piston sizing that provide an overall surface area comparable to many 6 piston vehicle brakes. Studying the way the vehicle would move under braking allowed us to come up with the proper piston bore for the front and rear calipers. Giving the Polaris RZR a perfect squat under hard braking allows you to control your vehicle better compared to an unbalanced nose dive. The Agency Power kit has been designed to use the stock master cylinder, stock brake lines, and still provide a much better pedal feel! Another added value of the caliper is the hard anodized aluminum pistons. These are extremely lightweight allowing them to move with ease to help with the clamping force on the rotor. Using both dust and weather seals, the brakes will not have issues from the harsh off-road elements compared to other products that only use pressure seals. With a simple single side bleeder screw, bleeding the brakes does not require you to go from inside to outside on the caliper which saves time. Finally the caliper has an internal cross over to allow brake fluid to go to each side of the caliper and equally put pressure to the pistons. This gives the caliper a clean look and also eliminates the worry about breaking off external cross over pipes found on other systems.

Brake pads for the 4 wheel kit were chosen to provide the optimal performance for the majority of users. With the focus on balance, getting the right friction for the front and rear was important for this setup. Once bed-in properly, the brakes will provide amazing performance without excess squeaking noise. The brake pads are a common shape which allows for ease to access replacement pads. An extremely important part of the big brake kit is the rotors. We utilize a special 12 inch cast iron brake rotor just like you would see on high performance car brakes. Cast iron dissipates heat much better than steel like the factory style. Steel will hotspot and throw heat back into the caliper making fluid boil and cause pedal inconsistencies. Cast iron also has a higher coefficient of friction compared to the single thin stamped steel rotor. Each rotor is vented, slotted, and cross drilled. Because the rotors are also directional, while the rotor is spinning, it acts like a pump to cool the brake down. With the rotors larger diameter, this increases torque and leverage of the brake. Since brakes are essentially a heat sink, the better and more accurately we can dissipate heat, the better the brake will perform. These rotors were designed to fit to the factory wheel hub.

The Agency Power Big Brake Kit is sold as a 4 wheel brake system only. Although the brake calipers and rotors were custom designed specifically for the Polaris RZR, for us to get the braking performance desired, the calipers had to retain a certain thickness for the piston sizing. With the caliper design, a minimum 15 inch diameter wheel is required. However based on the offset, most wheels will require a spacer. To offer a easy install solution, all of our brake kits include a complete set of front and rear 2 inch aluminum bolt on spacers. With these most of the standard Method and Fuel wheels will work. We have found that certain Raceline wheels with a 4x3 offset will fit without the spacer. Brake kits include a 1 year manufacture warranty against defects. Replacement and consumable parts are available.


  • 2016-2022 Polaris RZR XP Turbo
  • 2016-2022 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo
  • 2018-2022 Polaris RZR XP Turbo S
  • 2019-2022 Polaris RZR XP Turbo S Velocity


  • Bleeding UTV brakes is not as simple as car vehicle brakes. Please understand it may take you or your shop several times to get it dialed. When bled properly, the brake pedal should be extremely firm. We recommend using a high end DOT4 racing brake fluid such as Motul, Castrol, or others.
  • We have manufactured a brake kit and spacers that are designed to fit most wheel applications. However they may be some wheels out there that might not work. Please view our Brake Kit Template Guide Video below.