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  • Agency Power Can-am Maverick X3 Quick Release Clutch Cover Kit



    • Stainless steel CNC machined pins
    • Stainless steel lanyards
    • Change a belt much faster
    • Easy installation
    • Lanyards hold clips so no lost hardware in the dirt during belt change
    • Kit Includes Pins, Lanyard, Rivets, Washers, and Clips


    Agency Power's quick release clutch cover pin kit was designed for the Can-an Maverick X3 Turbo RS | DS | RR models. The kit works by replacing the fixed bolts around the clutch cover with these studs and secure clips. When a belt breaks, taking the clutch cover off can be cumbersome. Some of the bolts are in areas that are hard to fit tools in. Removing the clutch cover now just takes pulling each pin and sliding it off. This kit uses 10 clips with 10 pins to keep the cover securely fitted without allowing water or potential harmful dirt into the clutch area.