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Agency Power Cold Air Intake Kit Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo - Oiled Filter



  • High Flow, Reusable Oiled Air Filter
  • Precision Cut Intake Plate with Frogzskins
  • Black powder coat finish
  • Dyno proven results


A cold air intake kit on the Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo can greatly improve the performance of your vehicle. It is a pretty common practice that a vehicles first mods are intake, exhaust, and ECU tune. With Can-Am X3 owners doing ECU tunes almost immediately as their first modification, the increased boost levels means the turbo needs more air. A cold air intake is designed to flow more air than the factory intake. This different designed intake from Agency Power features a high flow air filter that provides your turbocharger with more CFM when it needs it most. The factory air box is designed to accommodate the stock power and the everyday driver Can-Am wants you to be. Chances that is you is slim! Unlike the stock air box or those other flow tubes that just cut the stock air box open, a complete cold air intake is the proper way to gain power without restriction. An intake needs to breathe while filtering out particulates. By removing the Donaldson air box, you are gaining better throttle response, faster turbo spool, and dyno proven power even without an ECU flash.

The Agency Power cold air intake has been engineered to be a direct replacement for the factory Can-Am X3 Turbo intake. Each part of the intake has been meticulously thought out to provide performance, longevity, and reliability. Agency Power uses an oiled filter to really help grab those dirt and dust particles. Designed to be cleaned and used for the life of the vehicle, it can easily be removed to clean in between rides. The filter features an AP logo on the end cap.

Below the filter is a precision laser cut aluminum plate that bolts to the factory lower air box. This features custom Frogzskin material that is implemented into the aluminum frame. Unlike other companies hand trim foam that may let particulates through into your engine and clutch housing, the Frogzskin material is a proper engineered solution. There is no flow restrictions to keep your clutch and intake running cool! The Frogzskin mesh repels water, dirt, dust, etc. while still allowing air to flow freely. The Frogzskin Mesh is a woven polyester material and is HYDROPHOBIC, meaning it will repel water and splashes of water, but it is NOT waterproof. Eliminating the heavy and bulky Donaldson filter, the Agency Power intake then features an aluminum tube with fittings that attaches directly to your turbochargers compressor side with provided AP silicone coupler. Each aluminum part is powder coated in a matte black for a clean and stylish finish. Clamps are included to make the kit an easy bolt-on.

To show the performance of the Agency Power intake, we tested a Can-Am X3 back to back keeping all the variables the same except for the intake. On a car with a stock tune and just an exhaust, the intake made a bolt-on 2 horsepower. Making a simple 2 horsepower is tough to do on any of these UTV’s with bolt-on parts outside of the exhaust and ECU tune. More importantly is how the intake performed with the ECU tune. With the requested higher boost, the intake alone made a bolt on 8 horsepower compared to the stock intake. This is because of the much improved air flow over the stock box. Boost pressure is held more consistent as the turbo is no longer starved for air. Overall, the intake is a great product to add as your first upgrade or during your build to improve power. All Made in the USA, the Agency Power Can-Am X3 has been engineered to perfection!



  • 2017-2021 Can-Am X3 Turbo, X3 X DS Turbo R, X3 X RS Turbo R 2 | 4 Door