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Agency Power Turbo Upgrade Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo 2017-2020



  • Bolt-on no modifications required to fit
  • Powdercoated red compressor cover with AP logo
  • Made in North America
  • Each turbocharger is serialized
  • No Core required, keep or sell your OEM turbo
  • More consistent torque curve
  • Less dip in top end power band
  • Stays in torque longer
  • 60+ horsepower gain on pump gas with tuning and supporting mods
  • 80+ horsepower gain on race gas with tuning and supporting mods


  • This is for the bolt-on turbocharger only.  This does not include tuning or other supporting modifications.

The Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo has revolutionized the UTV world with its performance capabilities.  By adding a simple ECU flash and exhaust, these 3 cylinder turbocharged engines become monsters.  But after you have done all the basic bolt-on modifications, the next biggest gain in horsepower is doing a full turbo upgrade.  The factory turbocharger performs well in the 900cc engine, however there is much more to gain from this SXS.  An upgraded turbocharger will flow more air, requiring less boost pressure to gain power.  But when you do increase that boost, be ready for an amazing rush of power!  For those that want the ultimate edge on their friends and competitors, this turbo upgrade is capable of 300 horsepower to the engine! 

Agency Power has partnered with one of the leading turbo manufactures in North America to offer this full bolt-on turbo upgrade for the Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo.  What makes the Agency Power Turbo better than the competition is that this is a complete OEM replacement.  This is not a compressor cover, wheel modification, core exchange, or anything else that some others have available.  This is a full replacement turbo that is a direct fit to your Can-Am X3.  Because of an increase in size of the compressor housing, we include the necessary silicone adapters so you can run the stock Donaldson air box and connect to the stock style intercooler.  Each kit includes new precision fit oil and water lines to keep the turbocharger running at maximum efficiency.  In addition, we include new exhaust manifold studs for an easy installation. Completely made in North America, the turbo features a full cast manifold, new adjustable wastegate, larger compressor and turbine wheel, along with an enhanced turbo housing that has been finished in gloss red with the Agency Power logo.

We tested this big turbo upgrade on a 2019 Can-Am X3 RS as well as a 2017 X3 RS model with a 2018 upgraded power kit.  Both cars had stock clutching and only an exhaust system for a modification.  Each car sat on 15 inch wheels with 32 inch tires.  With a baseline run of 140 rear wheel horsepower, we spent the next several months datalogging, testing, and proving out our turbochargers performance.  In the end, we accomplished some very impressive dyno results to show.  Utilizing 91 octane on a Mustang Dyno here at the end of summer in Arizona, we put down a 60 wheel horsepower gain over stock!  Calculating the drivetrain loss at about 20%, this shows the Agency Power Big Turbo on pump gas making just north of 250 horsepower at the engine!  All of this power while still running the factory 2 bar MAP sensors and engine internals.  How capable is 300 horsepower to the crank?  Running the 2020 Can-Am X3 3 bar MAP sensors, higher boost, race gas, along with supporting mods and tuning, you are there!   

This is a true turbo upgrade in a box for you to install to your Can-Am Maverick X3.  The way we package this kit allows you to work with any existing or new tuner you may have.  The turbo allows you to retain your existing performance modifications such as the factory style exhaust system, intercooler, and intake.  Having been engineered, tested, and manufactured by one of the top OEM turbo producers, we know this turbocharger will far exceed all expectations.  The turbo has been designed to fit and enhance the performance of the 2017-2020 Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo vehicles.   


  • OEM Turbo flows up to 0.15kg/s
  • AP Turbo flows up to 0.20kg/s
  • Airflow is increased by 33% over stock
  • Compressor Wheel
    • Inducer- 41mm
    • Exducer- 51mm
  • Turbine Wheel
    • Inducer- 45mm
    • Exducer- 40.4mm