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Production Times (this item is made per order in USA)
Raw: 2-4 Weeks
Custom: 4-6 Weeks

Price is Per Wheel

Includes Valve Stems, Caps, & Beadlock Rings
*Does not include lug nuts

Hub-Centric Wheel

Hub-centric wheels are designed with a center bore diameter which matches the hub of the vehicle. This has a number of benefits over lug-centric wheels including:

- Increased Safety: Since hub-centric wheels fit snugly on the vehicle hub, this shifts where the load is carried from the lug studs to instead being evenly distributed around the vehicle hub. This makes shearing lug studs significantly less likely.

- Enhanced Stability: The tight fit of hub-centric wheels minimizes the chance of vibrations, contributing to improved handling and a smoother ride, especially at higher speeds.

-Reduced Wear & Tear: Proper wheel centering and load distribution can lead to less wear and tear on vehicle components such as the hub, bearings, and suspension, resulting in a longer lifespan for these components.

FITMENT:Can Am Maverick R