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Complete Can-Am X3 QRS Clutch Rebuild Kit

Our Can-Am X3 QRS Clutch Rebuild Kit provides you with everything required to fully rebuild your QRS clutches on your Can-Am X3. This comprehensive kit ensures that you have all the necessary components to restore your clutch system to optimal working condition.

Key Components:

  1. Primary Clutch Components: The kit includes essential components for the primary clutch, such as bushings, sliders, buttons, and other vital parts to enhance clutch performance.

  2. Secondary Clutch Components: You'll also find critical secondary clutch parts, including rollers, bushings, and other components to ensure smooth operation.

  3. Bearings and Seals: Our kit features high-quality bearings and seals to reduce friction and maintain proper alignment within your clutch assembly.

  4. Maintenance Essentials: Additionally, we provide maintenance items like shims, washers, and other small parts to fine-tune and optimize your clutch system.

  5. Comprehensive Rebuild: With this kit in hand, you'll have all the necessary components for a complete and thorough rebuild of your Can-Am X3 QRS Clutches, ensuring they perform like new.

Whether you're a professional technician or a passionate DIY enthusiast, our Can-Am X3 QRS Clutch Rebuild Kit simplifies the rebuilding process, ensuring your clutch system operates at its peak performance levels.