• Tested at 75 PSIa
  • Maintains factory coolant temperature.
  • We CNC mill the block to accept our Closed Deck supports.


Can-Am X3 2018 to 2021 closed deck cylinder and bigger stud machine work

With increased boost and HP you increase the cylinder pressure. The factory block is a open deck and has no support at the top of the cylinder. Therefore it can expand and move around under the head gasket with no support, resulting in a blown head gasket.

We upgrade them to 7/16 (11.11 mm) studs that can be reused. The factory head bolts are 9mm and are not reusable. 

We bore and thread mill the new 7/16 (11.11mm) threads into the block for a perfect tight fit.

The 7/16 studs torque down to 90 ftlb that’s double the holding force compared to the factory bolts.

The factory head bolt torque is 15 ftlb +150 Degrees that equals about 45 to 50 ftlb