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  • Can-Am X3 Clutch Kits (2017-2021)



    We have upgraded our Stage 2 and Stage 3 Legacy Kits! Now, our clutch kits are individually geared for specific types of riding and horsepower, from sand dunes to rocky ground. They provide the same great quality and can be used for all styles of riding, just with added improvement and more help on certain terrain! The performance is never sacrificed when you use our kits.

    By using steel, aluminum, and titanium weights, we increased machine horsepower and get you the most from your machines, and it shows in how they function. If you know exactly what you want or you’re just starting to explore more terrain options, our selection will have exactly what you need – and more. We’ve kept same adjustability as we’ve always had to give users the ability to still cross over between terrains and machine builds, we have just excelled in each of the main riding terrains!

    To select your kit type, select your options from the dropdown menus – it’ll get you to all the information you need.

    Crawler 326. For cars making 300-375 Engine Horsepower. Primary use: Rock Crawling or Larger than 32″ tires- Slower Trails
    Kit includes 6 Hi-Mag steel weights, helix, and secondary spring.

    *Horsepower numbers may vary depending on delivery and other factors such as fuel type, turbo, elevation etc.

    Dirt Kits

    Made for the trails on dusty days or wet ones, our dirt kits will help your machines power across muddy and grassy terrains with ease. The engine power is extremely effective!

    • Dirt 176
    • Dirt 226
    • Dirt 276
    • Dirt 326

    Sand Kits

    Because of extra help for traction and efficiency, our duner kits help with sandy, loose ground. Whether moving over the dunes or racing through pits and trails, the horsepower is extremely efficient – especially with sand.

    • Duner 226
    • Duner 276
    • Duner 326

    Rock Kits

    Our rock crawler kits are perfect for moving you through tough areas. From mountainsides to lava flows, no terrain is too uneven for the crawler kit to help you handle.

    • Crawler 226
    • Crawler 276
    • Crawler 326