Clutching Weights

KWI Clutching Weights

AO.001- This is our newest and most adjustable Fly Weight specifically designed to give you all the power with the largest tuning window possible.

GEN6- This is our Gen 6 adjustable Fly Weight specifically designed to harness the big power tunes and larger turbo installs for the X3. Makes more wheel HP than any other other clutch calibration on the market with big power tunes.

GEN7- The KWI GEN7 weight was specifically designed for high altitudes, huge tires and very big turbos that need to spin 8800+ RPM.

KWI Light weight- Lighter than oem with no heel weight. The one that started it all!!

Clutch Weight Bushings- This is the bushing that fits in all KWI and BRP weights. Easy press in design.