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Antigravity DC-300H 300Ah 12v Lithium Deep Cycle Battery with Built-In Bluetooth Monitoring

ANTIGRAVITY BATTERIES are the most advanced Lithium Batteries currently on the market, and have been leading the way since 2010. We are also the first company to offer batteries with integrated Bluetooth Tracking! Our new Lithium AG-DC-300H Deep Cycle Battery comes with a first-of-its-kind Bluetooth Monitoring App so you can easily check the battery’s status using your Phone, Tablet, or Computer.

Along with real-time Bluetooth Monitoring, Antigravity Deep Cycle Batteries are made with Grade-A UL Listed cells and a state-of-the-art Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure the battery will provide you with years of the safest operation, highest performance and greatest satisfaction.

The intelligent DC-300H Lithium Battery is designed for use in Deep Cycle applications and as a direct replacement for Lead/Acid Deep Cycle Batteries. (We also offer models with higher Amp Hour capacities.)

The lightweight Antigravity DC-300H excels in Deep Cycle Applications such as uses in Recreation Vehicles (RVs), Vans, Van Life, Utility Trucks, Emergency Vehicles, Boats, Trolling Motors for Boats, Backup Power Supplies, Off-Grid Applications, Camping, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Emergency Lighting, Alarm Systems, Photovoltaic Energy Storage Systems (Solar), Ham Radios, and many other uses where ultra lightweight, high amp-hour capacity and long-lasting durability are required. Take us on your next adventure!

The Antigravity DC-300H comes with ON-BOARD Bluetooth monitoring. Simply download the free App (Android or Apple) and be able to monitor all aspects of your DC-120H in real-time! Easily view the State of Charge, Voltage, Amps going into or out of the Battery, Temperature of the battery and much more. All the important information is available right on your Phone, Tablet, or Computer if you are within 30ft (10M) of the battery, so no need to access the Battery, or use a Multimeter.

The DC-300H also has a convenient Fuel Gauge directly on the battery. While it does have Bluetooth monitoring, the Fuel Gauge can be a simple, quick way to see the battery’s current state of charge if you are working near it. The Fuel Gauge has LEDs to indicate capacity, show Bluetooth is working, or warn if the battery’s critically low or working outside its parameters.

Antigravity Deep Cycle Batteries combine the very best in UL Listed LiFePO4 Lithium cells with an extremely advanced, intelligent Battery Management System (BMS). Carefully designed with attention to detail and top quality build throughout.

The DC-300H has the most advanced BMS available, providing a full suite of battery protections along with lithium cell balancing for the safest and longest-lasting battery operation possible.

Charging a frozen Lithium Battery can damage it. The DC-300H solves this with built-in Self-Heating. If attached to a Charger or Shore Power, the battery will automatically self-warm to keep itself from freezing when it detects its internal temperature is at freezing point or below.

You can connect multiple Antigravity DC-300H batteries in Series or Parallel connections, or both. This ability is very important for Deep Cycle use when using more than one battery. The ability to connect in series or parallel, or both series and parallel connections at the same time, allows you to increase the voltage and the capacity when connecting batteries together.

The Antigravity DC-300H offers a first-of-its-kind Bluetooth Monitoring System allowing you to view real-time battery status on your Phone, Tablet or Computer without having to physically be near the battery.

Each Antigravity Deep Cycle Battery has a Serial Number that you can put into the Bluetooth App to track it. It’s that simple. The App has robust features so you can always know what’s going on with your battery or battery bank. No need for a multimeter or voltage tester.


  • DC-300H Performance Lithium Deep Cycle Battery
  • 12.8 Volt, 300 Amp hours, 3840 Watt hours
  • 20.75 x 11 x 9.25 inches (LxWxH)
  • 84.45 lbs, ultra lightweight for this capacity of battery, 60% lighter than Lead/Acid
  • Fuel Gauge on top of battery to check its capacity and more
  • Exclusive Bluetooth Battery Monitoring – Free Bluetooth Monitoring App to check battery status from your phone
  • Advanced Battery Management System (BMS)
  • Automatic Self-Heating for charging readiness in freezing conditions
  • Safest Battery Technology using LiFePO4 Lithium chemistry