RZR XP Turbo Sand Storm Belt



The latest and greatest technology in built into all GBoost Belts!

Belt Fitment for OEM 3211202/3211186

What makes GBoost Belts the best drive belts available?

  1. The latest rubber compound technology available for increased adhesion to clutch faces and longer life.
  2. Aramid fiber - the highest tensile strength available.  Eliminates stretching, breakage, cord separation.
  3. Designed in cooperation with Glenn Erlandson, CVT Clutching Guru.

Compression Compound

  • Four times stronger than any belt on the market for cord pop-out resistance.
  • High-temperature, heat-resistance polymer DUMAX with directionally-oriented fibers.
  • Maximum power transfer through clutches.
  • Maximum under-cord stiffness allows the belt to flex for efficiency and cool running temperatures.
  • Won't expand or bulge out under top cog squeeze pressure.


  • Next generation, ultra-strong Aramid fiber cord (S-Compound and E-Compound). 
  • Can handle / carry more than 10,000 pounds of tension without stretching or breaking.
  • Stronger than OEM and aftermarket drive belts.


  • Next generation cog design with DUMAX compound (E-Compound).
  • Above-cord Strength, flexibility, and heat resistance.
  • A must for today's high-horsepower / high-torque motors.


Next generation compounds tied in with our Aramid fiber allows you to push your UTV to its limits.  Stands up to higher temperatures as well as runs cooler than any other belt on the market.