Heretic 6 Series - 50" Light Bar



  • (50) 6-watt CREE LED 
  • Full 300 watt 
  • 36300 lumen 
  • 6061 billet housing 
  • 52 x 2 x 1.5 
  • IP68 rated 
  • Stainless steel mounts 
  • Amp draw 35.5 peak amps at 13.8V
  • Weight 6.5lb
  • LUX at 10m: 10313
  • Candella: 1031250


Rivaled by none.  We set the bar with this one!  Dubbed the light tower, our 50" it the largest light bar we manufacture.  Little known fast, our 50" light bar is credited to be the number one cause of light pollution in the world.  The US Government has set a mandate that only three of our 50" light bars be used at any time.

Designed in the USA, Patented in the USA, Manufactured in the USA, Assembled in the USA, Supported in the USA, Shipped from

*Build times can vary but most items ship within 1 week of placing the order.