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The KWI Fast Float is a rapid exchange program designed for efficient upgrading of clutch systems. It's specifically tailored for clients who need a quick turnaround, with a processing time of just 2 business days. This program utilizes parts from the client's existing clutches to build a modified set, ensuring compatibility and optimal performance.

To qualify for the Fast Float, customers must ensure that their clutches meet certain criteria. The essential qualifications include:

  1. No Broken Parts: The clutches should be fully functional and free from any broken components.
  2. No Water Stains: Clutches must not have any signs of water damage.
  3. No Dents or Dings: The surface and structure of the clutches should be intact without any physical deformities.
  4. No Belt Stains: Clutches should be free from any residue or staining from belt wear.
  5. Cleanliness: Clutches should not be coated in dirt, sand, or other contaminants.

If the clutches do not meet these standards, KWI offers alternatives such as converting the order to a regular Float Mod with an 8-10 business day turnaround or applying a cleaning charge for in-house cleaning. This ensures that every client receives a high-quality, efficient service tailored to their specific needs.


  • Primary Sheave Angle Machining
  • Secondary Sheave Angle Machining
  • Big Roller Machining
  • Float Machinging
  • Secondary Big Black Rollers
  • Float Spacer Kit
  • Float Mod
  • AO Clutch Kit
  • Groovix Helix
  • DSS: Dual Spring Secondary


  • 2017+ Can-Am X3 120hp
  • 2017+ Can-Am X3 152hp
  • 2017+ Can-Am X3 172hp