KWI Tool Kit V2 (All Years Can-Am Maverick / Maverick X3 - incl P-Drive)


Primary Clutch

P-Drive and QRSX Primary. This extremely affordable tool will remove the Can-Am QRSX governor cup, compress the P-Drive primary for snap ring removal, remove the P-Drive drive roller and weight pins, and split the primary clutch for easy weight and spring replacement or servicing of the entire primary clutch. This is a direct replacement for the OEM tools and even comes with the "unbendable" KWI primary clutch puller if you want to completely remove the primary clutch from the crankshaft on a Can-Am Maverick.

Secondary Clutch

This extremely affordable tool will hold the Can-Am QRSX secondary clutch and restrains spring tension for easy helix removal and installation, roller replacement, or servicing of the entire secondary clutch. we’ve included the KWI "hammer" puller to simply remove your secondary clutch roller pins (the pins are pressed in and cannot be removed properly without this tool).


  • Small Tool Kit Washer
  • Tool Disc
  • M8 Bolts
  • Puller Cup
  • KWI "HAMMER" Secondary Clutch Roller Install Tool/P-Drive Pin Tool
  • KWI "UNBENDABLE" Primary Clutch Puller
  • M14 Threaded Rod and M14 Nuts
  • Large Tool Kit Washer
  • Snap Ring Remover Cup
  • Primary Opening Tool