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The Maverick R comes with the fuel pump assembly that is in the original 2018+ X3 R and RR models mated to a twin injector per cylinder setup. The twin injector setup allows for a much higher power potential than the X3 on gasoline tunes, however, two issues are preventing the use of big-power E85 tunes with the OEM fuel system. First is the low flow capacity of the stock fuel pump where the fuel pump itself is approximately 155 liters per hour. This is adequate for big horsepower, and stock turbo gasoline tunes, but cannot flow enough for E85. This means it requires approximately 30% more fuel at the same boost pressure. The second reason is the injector size relative to the stock fuel pressure. While there are 6 fuel injectors, they are small, approximately 450cc each. Our goal was to provide a simple upgrade that would allow the customer to retain their stock injectors while upgrading the fuel pump to provide the flow and pressure required for 300+ wheel horsepower on E85. The solution was to re-engineer the whole fuel pump assembly for more performance, flexibility, and functionality.


*EVP DISCLAIMER: The Rising Rate 340LPH Fuel Pump Assembly and Conversion Kit are only recommended for customers who want to run E85 fuel in their Maverick R (E85 TUNING FILES SOLD SEPARATELY).

Both Kits Include:

  • CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Fuel Hat 
  • Billet Fuel Hat Wiring Harness Assembly
  • E85 Safe DW 340LPH Fuel Pump  
  • Billet Aluminum & Serviceable Fuel Filter, Filter Housing, 100-Micron Stainless Filter  
  • Mil-Spec Relay Wiring Harness  
  • Integrated 4.5 Bar Fuel Pressure Regulator (Can be used as a static 65 psi setup or a rising rate) 
  • X3 Fuel Filter O-Ring

Rising Rate Drop-In Assembly: 

  • Includes Fully Assembled Maverick R Fuel Pump Assembly with 340LPH Fuel Pump
  • Drop-In Ready Full Replacement for OEM Assembly

Rising Rate Conversion Kit: 

  • Includes 340LPH Fuel Pump Only
  • Reuses the OEM Assembly
  • Includes Crimping Tools for Conversion 

The incorporated 4.5 bar fuel pressure regulator has perfectly matched the OEM fuel pressure, so it is a direct replacement for any 2018+ X3 (non-base model) and Maverick R. The EVP system consists of an OEM-like surge tank/basket with an E85 safe DW 340 liter per hour pump which can be used as either a static fuel pressure like stock or rising rate. For the Maverick R E85 tunes, it is rising rate. A boost reference hose is provided which connects to the auxiliary port on the EVP charge tubes (required). This provides the necessary flow and pressure across the stock injectors to deliver 300+ wheel horsepower on E85. The pump assembly itself has enough fuel flow for approximately 400 wheel horsepower on E85, so there is plenty of overhead for future power upgrades. The OEM fuel pump assembly includes a fuel filter, but it is not replaceable. When this filter clogs up, you must replace the entire assembly. The EVP system includes a billet spin-on filter, which houses an easily serviceable100-micron stainless fuel filter. We also include a properly designed relay harness. The OEM fuel pump is supplied with electrical current directly from two pins on the ECU. While this is sufficient for the amp draw of the small OEM pump, it cannot tolerate the larger amp draw of a high-capacity pump. Our professional relay harness takes the electrical load off the ECU and transfers it to the power block under the dashboard cover. Functionality is identical with the pump turning on and off with a signal from the ECU. Lastly, for customers that want to use E85 for racing, but want the flexibility of running gasoline tunes, 91 and 93 gasoline tune files have been re-engineered for the rising rate system. This allows you to switch between gasoline and E85 seamlessly with no hardware changes.