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PWRTUNE X3 Intercooler Fan Switch And Harness Kit


  • Matching lighted "INTERCOOLER" dash switch
  • Relay used to isolate circuit
  • Weatherproof connectors
  • Complete plug and play unit
  • +2-3HP in a drag race
  • Hole shot champion


Do you warm your car up before a race? Then your intercooler is getting hot hot and hotter. Cool it down before the race with this X3 intercooler fan override switch kit. Dyno proven performance adder with a 2-3 HP increase over stock for about 10 seconds after you've been idling or cruising.

This wire harness with relay and switch will allow you to control the intercooler fan on your CanAm X3. Utilizing a relay and switch you can select to have the ECU controller the fan (switch off) or turn the fan on so the intercooler gets cooled down (switch on). With the relay isolating the circuit back to the ECU so there is no interference with the stock system and no chance for a check engine light.

In stock form the ECU of your X3 will only run the fan under 80% or higher load, and then when you back out of the throttle the fan will only run for another 15 seconds. Meaning that if you are driving around under cruising conditions the fan will not operate and the intercooler will get warmer and warmer. If you are waiting for your shot at the hill, or cruising around looking for a drag race, or getting ready to make your hole shot, the intercooler is hot and getting hotter. When you stand on the gas your fan will then come on, but your intercooler is not cooled down and the fan is blowing hot air just getting cooled down after 10+ seconds. Meaning the hill is behind you, the race is over, or the hole shot is now turn 5 before the intercooler has had a chance to cool down. The fan has come on too late to help with performance.

Solution, run the fan ahead of time and keep the intercooler cooled down. This switch kit allows you to override the stock system and run the fan whenever you want to. Keeping your intercooler at a lower temp is Dyno tested and good for a 2-3 consistent HP increase for around 10 seconds vs. running the intercooler as stock.

Utilizing the relay in the circuit allows for the isolation of the stock system. Meaning that you are not powering the stock circuit back to the ECU when the switch is on. And when the switch is off it is back to the ECU controlling the fan. No chance for a check engine light or any interference. Easy installation with no wire cutting or splicing this system is completely plug and play. Power is connected through the GEP auxiliary bus bar located next to the passenger seat.