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High-performance, extended-life Gates G-Force RedLine CVT Belt for CanAm X3 (all models) and BRP Gen4 850 (all models).

At BoonDocker, we're all about performance. We personally run these belts on our own cars for several reasons: 

  • Maintain RPM's: Many non-OEM belts are made of a stiffer compound for extended life. This results in less clutch grip and less power to the ground. This simply isn't the case with the RedLine belt!
  • Dyno-Proven Results: Maintains horsepower/torque to the ground as good or better than other belts on the market (even the OEM)
  • Longer Belt Life: Even on our high-horsepower cars, we see significant improvements in belt life. We also observe lower belt temperatures.
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty, visit Gates.com/GForce for more info
  • Improved durability, crack- and wear-resistant means a longer-lasting, higher-performance power transmission belt for the most demanding applications
  • Greater heat resistance and recovery, even under severe duty cycles
  • Optimized, patented Ethylene Elastomeric (EE) compound maximizes axial stiffness enabling belts to run at higher continuous torques or loads
  • Tested under extreme conditions in controlled environments as well as on race vehicles


Gates G-Force RedLine CVT Belts are the first of a new generation of Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) belts. Gates’ innovative design results in better acceleration, higher top speeds, less speed ratio and energy loss in extreme off-road environments.


 The newest G-Force CVT belt developed from the most advanced materials. Extensively lab and field tested, Gates G-Force RedLine CVT belts are engineered to handle the wildest rides required for the dunes, deserts, mountains, and race-day.

  • Built to withstand extreme friction, severe compressive force, and excessive heat created from high acceleration, frequent backshifting, and heavy loads.
  • Delivers 75% greater dynamic axial stiffness on average, up to 50% lower speed losses and better recovery from temperatures up to 338°F (170°C) without power loss.
  • Best within extreme off-road environments: better acceleration, higher top speed, less speed ratio & energy loss
  • Greater heat resistance & recovery – even under severe duty cycles
  • Extremely fatigue resistant
  • Improved durability, crack & wear-resistance


  • Ryker 2020 600cc
  • Ryker 2020 900cc
  • Ryker 2019 600cc
  • Ryker 2019 900cc
  • Defender 2021 800cc
  • Defender 2021 976cc
  • Defender 2020 800cc
  • Defender 2020 976cc
  • Defender 2019 800cc
  • Defender 2019 976cc
  • Defender 2018 800cc
  • Defender 2018 976cc
  • Defender 2017 800cc
  • Defender 2017 976cc
  • Defender 2016 800cc
  • Defender 2016 976cc
  • Maverick 2021 800cc
  • Maverick 2021 976cc
  • Maverick 2020 800cc
  • Maverick 2020 976cc
  • Maverick 2019 976cc
  • Maverick Trail 2019 800cc
  • Maverick Trail 2019 976cc
  • Maverick Trail 2018 800cc
  • Maverick Trail 2018 976cc
  • Maverick X3 2021 900cc
  • Maverick X3 2020 900cc
  • Maverick X3 2019 900cc
  • Maverick X3 2018 900cc
  • Maverick X3 2017 900cc