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    • 91 pump gas making 260 whp (351 HP) (a safe reliable number for 91 pump gas) at 9 psi with the stock ECU
    • 110 race gas making 350 whp (473 HP) 15 psi with the stock ECU
    • E60, E85, & E100 making 350 whp (473 HP) with the stock ECU. To make more power on E85 or E100 our fuel system is needed.

    Let the party begin! 


    Our Pro R Turbo Kits are now available! We have done extensive testing and R&D on this kit since February 2022.  We only use and build high-quality parts and we never cut any corners. We pride ourselves in building the best and most reliable UTVs. 

    On our dyno, the Pro R stock makes 165 whp (225 HP).     


    • LaRue G series Turbo
    • Turbosmart wastegate actuator
    • Turbosmart blow-off valve
    • Charge pipes
    • Charge pipe boots and clamps
    • Billet intercooler with Spal fans
    • ECU unlock and credits for HP Tuners
    • Tuned ECU
    • Clutch kit and springs
    • Head Gasket
    • 4 Injectors
    • LaRue Catch Can
    • Tig welded stainless steel exhaust and muffler
    • LaRue Billet Turbo manifold with stage 8 locking bolts
    • Turbo oil drain and oil feed line with crimped PTFE hose ends and sleeve
    • Turbo water cooling lines with crimped PTFE hose ends and heat sleeves
    • UMP canister air filter with a paper air filter that retains the factory frog skin air inlet (no K&N filter, that will dust your motor)
    • All assembly hardware is included
    • Built and designed in-house made in the USA
    • ECU tuning and unlock - You will have to ship your ECU to LaRue Performance to get it unlocked and tuned for the fuel you selected.
      • If you selected the option with multiple fuel tunes, a LaRue RTD Flash Device and an OBDII Adapter Cable will be included, which will allow you to change between each tune.
      • Here is a link to better understand how the RTD and TDN app work. Once you have an account set up you can contact us for a code.  Video Link

    Please ship your ECU to LaRue Performance including your purchase confirmation email and/or your name and order number. 

    LuRue Performance
    7831 E Greenway Rd,
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260
    • *This kit will support up to 500 WHP

      Additional products you may want; include: Boost Controller, Wideband Air/Fuel Controller, and Gauge Cluster Mount.