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  • Instant throttle response
  • 14psi (at sea level)
  • 450 Crank HP on turnkey kit with 100% stock engine
  • E85 only (flex fuel coming soon)


Packard Performance is proud to release their RZR Pro R supercharger kit. Featuring state of the art Rotrex SC head unit, billet drive assembly, mounts, intercooler assembly and more.  Capable of 550+hp and 22+psi of boost.

The Turnkey Kit is designed to work 100% with a stock car leaving the bed, clutch ventilation, and intake box untouched.  This allows you to make full use bed accessories and racks with out complications of intercoolers or other components generally involved with forced induction kits. The OEM airlifter and clutch ducting are still used prolonging and protecting both your engine and clutches from the elements.

Builder kit is specific for shops that would like to add their finishing touches with their own tuning, standalone Ecu's, and fueling upgrades. It does not include the following: Pro EFI standalone ecu, fuel pump, and fuel injectors. DO NOT BUY THE BUILDER KIT UNLESS YOU HAVE MEANS OF TUNING THE CAR.  Packard Performance ONLY supports tuning through Pro Efi stand alone ECU's.

Although We have been careful to supply you with the highest quality parts possible, we assume no liability for damage to the unit or personal injury. Making any modifications to the OEM engine, powertrain, or fuel system can result in vehicle damage, fire, and or personal injury. With any modification due so with extreme caution and at your own risk! Profession install recommended. It is the installers responsibility to verify the car is running within spec:


  • Supercharger assembly and all necessary ultra high end billet components
  • High flow Bar and Plate intercooler with billet end caps and dual fans
  • Clutch kit (adjustable weights and primary spring)
  • Pro Efi standalone ECU system w/wideband set up for self adjusting closed loop tuning 
  • Fuel injectors (E85 compliant)
  • 450LPH fuel pump, in tank billet mount, and hardware (E85 compliant)
  • Charge tubes and air filter tube utilizing OEM air box
  • All necessary hardware for easy bolt on installation 
  • Max boost (varies with fuel and elevation)
  • Intercooler Fans
  • Clutching (engine rpm @ max boost 8200-8400)
  • AFR


  • Polaris RZR PRO R