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  • Absolute Highest Quality and Best Performance
  • Best Customer Service
  • Simple Easy Install
  • No Engine Mods Necessary  
  • Tuning and Calibration Made Easy with Optional HP Tuner RTD Tuning Device
  • 70 to 200+ Rear Wheel HP Horsepower Gains (available now)
  • Pump Gas Performance (available now)
  • Race Gas and AV-Gas Performance (available now)
  • E85 Performance (coming soon)
  • G-Series Garrett Turbo Reverse Scroll Turbocharger
  • Stainless Steel Tig Welded Header
  • Intercooled
  • Tons of Upgrades Available and Unlimited Power Potential 
  • Complete Turbo System, Everything You Need to Turbocharge Your Polaris RZR Pro-R


The G660 System is perfect for the ultimate in premium pump gas or high octane performance. This system comes with everything you need to turbocharge your Polaris RZR Pro-R. Best of all, the G660 system is completely upgradeable.   

Unlock Your Polaris Pro-R’s Real Potential!

The Polaris Pro-R is a monster of a chassis equipped with a huge engine and endless power potential just begging to be unleashed. The Boondocker RAGE™ turbo system comes with everything you need to push this beastly vehicle into the next class of high performance off-road.

True Bolt on Performance!

With NO necessary engine modifications, the Boondocker RAGE™ turbo system’s unbeatable true bolt-on performance is easy to install, is assembled with only the highest quality top tier components and comes with several tuning options for your stock ECU. This topnotch  quality turbo system includes everything necessary to bolt on the most reliable, trouble free performance upgrade for your Polaris Pro-R.

Pump Gas!

You want legit performance without having to lug around race gas? No problem, the Boondocker RAGE™ turbo system will put down a commanding 70 rear wheel horsepower gain on premium pump gas with no necessary engine mods and uses the stock ECU (recalibrated by Boondocker). That’s enough power to confidently conquer the biggest, steepest dunes, bash through the trees, blast through the deepest mud holes and lead the pack across the desert.

More Power Upgrades!

Want even more power? That’s easy. At Boondocker we know that enough is never enough. By using the best quality highest performance components like the Garret G-Series reverse scroll turbocharger, premium hand built all stainless steel header, and high-flow high pressure intercooler we have left the door wide open for endless power possibilities.  The Boondocker RAGE™ turbo system has been designed with huge power in mind and is the perfect foundation for big power upgrades, as we continue to push the envelope and make power gains on our own Pro-Rs, we will make those same gains easy and available to you as add-ons to your RAGE™ turbo system. Currently Boondocker is offering  from 70 to 200+ HP horsepower gains to the ground RELIABLY and we are just getting started. 

Service Before and After The Sale!

At Boondocker reliable performance is our mission, our passion and our livelihood. Our commitment to you is that you have the best time possible every time you push the throttle. That starts by having the highest quality, most reliable products that you want available now, and making sure we are available to you before and after the sale. Making sure you are having fun is our job and we take that seriously!

Easy Install Kit!

At Boondocker building complete turbo systems is our jam, this is what we do. Your kit will come with all the components you need and easy to follow step by step instructions, making it easy for you or your preferred technician to confidently turn your Pro-R into a turbocharged powerhose.

Keep Your Usable Bed Space!

With the included Cargo Bed Divider. you can keep your functional bed space without having to sacrifice performance. It is important to  position the air to air intercooler where it can utilize the coolest air possible, so we have the cooler out where it can use the cool ambient air. The Boondocker Cargo Bed Divider also works perfectly with Polaris Lock & Ride 36 QT Rear Cargo Box. 

We Can Build It For You!

You want the guys that build the best Pro-R turbo system to build your buggy for you? We do that too! It’s easy, just get your buggy to us and we will put it together for you and when we're done validating it on our dyno, will even offer to ride with you at the world famous St. Anthony Sand Dunes located only 45 minutes away from our facility. 


**Clutching and tuning is required to operate this turbo system, however the system is offer with out clutching and tuning for those who choose to use other clutch and tune solutions.

**The injector upgrade is highly recommended for all systems and required  to achieve high octane race gas or E85 power levels.

  • G-Series 550 Reverse Scroll Turbo
  • Stainless Steel Header
  • Garrett Wastegate Actuator
  • Aluminum Tig-Welded Charge Air System
  • Charge Air System Fittings
  • Intercooler Built For Optimal Air-Flow
  • High Flow Intercooler Fan
  • Compatible with Stock Muffler or Aftermarket Slip-on
  • Compatible with Stock Airbox
  • Turbo Oil Drain & Feed Line
  • Turbo Water Cooling Lines and Fittings
  • All hardware included for installation
  • Cargo Bed Divider

Optional items include

  • ALL-NEW PR1 Clutch Kit
    • Your Choice of pump gas or race gas clutching
  • Tuning Package
    • HP Tuner Boondocker RTD
    • HP Tuner 4 Credits (1 vehicle)
    • HP Tuner ECU Unlock
    • ECU Tuning/Calibration
    • 3-BAR MAP Sensor
    • Boost/AFR Gauge
    • (optional) Injector Dynamics 1050X DXS Injectors


  • Polaris RZR Pro R