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  • Radial steel belt
  • 8-ply construction
  • 16 mm (5/8”) tread depth
  • Nondirectional lug pattern
  • Staggered shoulder tread
  • Fully balanceable
  • Puncture-resistant sidewalls
  • Designed for convenient cleanout and maximum traction


Incursion All-Terrain Tires Are Versatile and Tough
There’s a world of rocky trails, dirt roads, and forests begging to be explored. To take ‘em all on, you need the best all-terrain tire—SuperATV’s Incursion A/T All-Terrain UTV/ATV Tires. With these tires on your ATV or UTV, you’ll have the confidence to dominate paved surfaces, technical trails, muddy paths, and more.
  • Versatility for all terrain types
  • Lugged shoulders for traction in tight spaces
  • High load rating perfect for towing or cargo transport
  • Rides smooth—even on pavement

8-Ply Construction and 16 mm Tread Depth
Our all-terrain ATV and UTV tires are designed for maximum traction and grip on virtually all surfaces. The 8-ply construction and 16 mm tread depth is durable but still flexible and lightweight, allowing the tire to fully grip the surface below. The lug design makes for easy cleanup too.

Balanceable for a Quiet, Smooth Ride
These off-road tires are nondirectional and balanceable. “Nondirectional” means you can mount them in any position and location—there’s no front- or rear-facing direction. Their automotive-style shape makes them balanceable, giving you a quiet, smooth ride on hard-packed surfaces like dirt roads, asphalt, or concrete.

Extremely Puncture Resistant and Grippy on Rough Terrain
Incursion A/T All-Terrain Tires use lugs along the sidewall to give you grip during the most challenging rides. Soft soil and mud don’t stand a chance against our shoulder design. Trying to climb steep walls or navigate around tight boulders? Our all-terrain tires grip where other tires slip. The shoulder lugs help to protect the sidewalls too, making them extremely puncture resistant.

Ready for Heavy Weights
If you pull heavy cargo with your ATV or UTV, you can rely on Incursion A/T Tires. Their high max load is perfect for towing—or for heavy machines loaded down with upgrades. No matter how you use your machine, these all-terrain tires are ready to go.

Tire Size Tire Weight (Lbs) Max Load (Lbs)
28x10Rx14 39.6 1165
30x10Rx14 43.7 1250
32x10Rx14 47.4 1325
32x10Rx15 46.4 1280
35x10Rx15 55.6 1390