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This package listing does not include an exhaust system. The exhaust system options are an available add-on. Through dyno testing and development we found that the OEM exhaust muffler/system is very restrictive when turning up the power. We make this package selectable with and without the K&T Muffler System as often times clients purchase the exhaust system of their choice.

This package also does not include a clutching option. WSRD recommends the use of the WSRD Spec STM Rage 4WCP and Tuner Secondary for maximizing the machines potential and makes upgrading to a larger turbocharger in the future a breeze. The STM Clutching combination can be found down below in the related products section.

The WSRD Throttle Body Porting can be added to this package, along with the TPR Fuel Rail & Pre-Injector Fuel Filter Kit, and once released, we will recommend the addition of the TPR Breather Kit. We will be sure to add further details once this available to the public.

What's Included?

Tuning & Associated Parts;
~ WSRD RTD Flash Device
~ WSRD 91 octane, 93 octane, 98+ Octane Race Gas and E85 Tunes are included
~ WSRD Injector Set
~ WSRD 3 Bar Map Sensor
~ WSRD Spark Plug Set

Just like our stock injector tuning solution, the ECU will need to be sent to WSRD for the ECU unlock process. Please forward your ECU to the following address; Whalen's Speed R&D - 161 Commercial Avenue, Paw Paw, MI 49079.
Once the package is returned to the client, along with the bench flashed ECU, the RTD device is not preloaded with the WSRD tune files. You will need to communicate with John directly on the final configuration of the device; john@whalentuned.com.

Turbocharger & Hot Parts;
~ WSRD Spec Precision Turbocharger - Includes Feed Line, Oil Drain Line & ZRP Oil Drain Fitting
~ Precision External Wastegate & Spring Set
~ K&T Performance V-Band Tubular Exhaust Manifold
~ Replacement Exhaust Manifold Gasket
~ K&T Performance Downpipe with Wastegate Slip-Fit Recirculation Dump Tube
~ K&T Performance Dual Fan Intercooler Kit & Charge Tubes
~ WSRD Intercooler Fan Switch Harness
~ K&T Performance Intercooler Beauty Cover (Not Pictured)
~ K&T Performance Intake System & Outerwear (Is Subject to Change - Currently installs in the cargo bed area as pictured)

All clamps, and installation hardware is included.